About us

Good Pellet is a reliable supplier of advanced biofuels. We supply all types of pellets - from wood to peat. Delivery of production is carried out by Good Pellet company throughout Europe.

Outlook production and use of pellets

Wood pellets (fuel granules) are one of the most advanced, clean and efficient fuels, which is already actively used in the power industry in many developed countries.

Today, international agreements and legislation of many European countries approved acts that forbid the use of fuels polluting the atmosphere. World prices for the usual fuels facilitate to the growing demand and relevance of pellet production.

Good Pellet Company provides a wide range of products, among which everyone will select what they need. Today, more and more Europeans, who really care about environmental protection, are choosing the pellets. And the low cost of production determines its extremely high attractiveness to the buyer.

What do we offer?

The assortment of Good Pellet company includes three main products:

  • wood  (both industrial and household) pellets;
  • herbal granulеs;
  • Peat pellets.

For each type the European quality certificates ENPlus A2 и DIN Plus are submitted, which can be found in the relevant section.

Why the Good Pellet company is better than the competitors?

The partners of Good Pellet have at their disposal:

  • a wide range of high-quality fuel;
  • competitive and affordable prices;
  • fast feedback system for approval details and order confirmation;
  • timely deliveries.

We supply natural modern, ecologically clean fuel that can meet the needs of private and suburban homes with central heating, large industrial enterprises, significant CHP Plant.

Long-term cooperation with us is growth of your benefit.

To order the right product, go to the appropriate section of the website or contact us.

Fuel of the future with the Good Pellet company is now the much more accessible!