Peat pellets

The Good Pellet company offers economical modern biofuels for heating of private houses, cottages, baths, boilers or fireplaces. Pellets from peat are a great alternative to traditional fuels, such as coal or wood.

What are those peat pellets?

These are calibrated cylindrical granules with standard for all varieties of pellets of length in 1 – 3 cm diameter of 6 – 12 mm. Pellets are completely harmless to humans and the environment, because they are manufactured without any chemical components. The residents of many European countries already appreciate this stable and inexpensive fuel with high calorific value.

The advantages of fuel pellets from peat.

The Europeans choose peat pellets, due to their thermal parameters. One ton of peat pellets replaces 2 tons of coal and 5 m3 of firewood. Generally, other advantages of the fuel are as follows:

  • the amount of combustion heat is comparable to coal, but this material is environmentally friendly;
  • when compared with firewood, peat pellets are burning in two and a half times longer;
  • the amount of ash when burning is minimal, it can be safely used for fertilizer plants, because peat is an important component for their;
  • Peat pellets are simply to store, they do not absorb moisture and will not change (not deteriorate) under the influence of temperature changes; the material is not biologically active, as has been under the heat treatment.

Furthermore, peat pellets are the kind of non-waste fuel, the price for it is extremely stable in the unstable conditions of the modern economy.

About the benefits of the production of the peat pellets to the environment.

Peat with marsh surfaces are used for manufacturing of peat pellets. In summer, this type of peat often causes large-scale fires, damaging the nature. That is why the technology of producing pellets that does not require heating the raw materials and the use of chemical additives becomes a real salvation and profitable prospect for the development of peat deposits.

Thanks to the use of beneficial qualities of the pellets, air pollution significantly reduces. The application of this modern biofuels is officially recognized by the international organizations and environmental funds. And many countries have promoted the use of peat and other types of pellets to the rank of national priorities.

Take care of environment protection with Good Pellet, gaining an undeniable economic benefit.