Plant pellets

Herba( Plant)l pellets or as they are often called agro pellets - this is fuel granules, received from waste agrarian industry. In most cases, these are sunflower husk, waste cereal – buckwheat or soy, ordinary straw. The cost of such raw materials is negligible; hence, there is the low price for the obtained fuel. In many cases, such biofuels are not inferior to their wood counterparts, and therefore are widely used in industry and the energy sector in many developed European countries.

About the benefits of using.

Agro pellets emit large amounts of heat energy during combustion; for example, 2000 kg of pellets can be equated to 3200 kg of wood, 1000 L of diesel fuel, 957 m3 of natural gas or 1370 L of fuel oil.

The advantages of using agro granules from Good Pellet are:

  • high thermal conductivity;
  • ability completely to automatize the process of injection and combustion of fuel;
  • wide range of using in boilers of any capacity – to heat a standard residential home and apply pellets on a huge TPP.

The purchasing and using of agro fuel pellets involve both the economic prospects and environmental benefits.

The issues of environmental protection.

Herbal(Plant) pellets are an environmentally friendly type of fuel that does not cause allergies, does not contribute to the occurrence of respiratory diseases, non-polluting emissions from products of combustion. In addition, the environmentalists name the following benefits:

  • the burning of these fuel pellets is equivalent to the natural circulation of substances in nature;
  • it is a renewable fuel;
  • the material is biologically inactive, therefore, does not require special, isolated storage conditions;
  • minimal remaining balance is an excellent fertilizer for plants.

About the economic benefits.

The demand for the product in the European market is caused by:

  • low and stable price, which does not depend on taxes and economic fluctuations in the cost of fossil fuels;
  • simplicity of transportation and storage of pellets;
  • better price for heating equipment and availability of its service – pellet boilers are capable of giving heat even after 24 hours from the time of stopping the fuel supply.

The Good Pellet company claims that the performance characteristics of herbal (plant) pellets make their use really effective, perspective and profitable from all points of view.