Wooden pellets

Most European countries today use energy, received from ecologically clean and renewable sources. Biofuels, to which includes wood pellets, becomes a worthy alternative to coal, gas and petroleum products.

Pellets – it is wood pellets made from waste wood industry

Why transition to the wood pellets in power is justified?

For transition to alternative fuels stimulates Europeans:

  • higher prices for gas and coal;
  • the rapid depletion of fuel resources, laid down by nature;
  • fouling the environment from more ecologically dirty fuels.

Today, these wood pellets considered the cheapest fuel. Along with them there is unless only coal, which has a huge disadvantage - during combustion it emits large amounts of carbon dioxide, that has negatively effect on the environment. In addition, coal is quite uncomfortable in terms of domestic use - it is very dirty, and leaves a lot of waste in resulting from the combustion.

In addition, coal production stimulates the methane entering in the atmosphere - a greenhouse gas. Pellets on the contrary - the ecologically clean fuel.

According to experts, the industry is heating transition to the burning pellets economically efficient and ecologically favorable.

Ecological benefits of using wood pellets.

The world market for pellets is growing steadily, due to the possibility to obtain a large quantity of heat energy and at the same time take care of the preservation of the environment:

  • the burning pellets, which are recognized as CO2-neutral fuel that does not cause the development of the greenhouse effect;
  • the amount of ash hardly reaches 1% of the incinerated volume of granules;
  • storage of wood granules is possible near the premises, because the heat treatment is made biologically inactive material;
  • pellets do not cause human allergies, because there are no spores;
  • does not emit odor, acrid smoke and fumes when burned;
  • the material does not decompose during prolonged storage.

The economic advantages of using pellets.

It is worth noting favorable moments for enterprises:

  • the price of wood pellets is stable compared to fossil fuels;
  • the storage costs of pellets is lower (for example, the storage costs of granules will 7 times less than the storage of firewood);
  • the burning of the material gives a high efficiency index rate - about 93%.

Purchase of wood pellets in the Good Pellet company is saving finance, health care, and a great contribution in saving the environment!

By purchasing wood pellets in a Good Pellet company, you save money, care about the health and make a great contribution to the preservation of the environment!